All Done

by lesley // posted on Oct 10, 2016

Above is the last photo of September 26th's post.  I've included it here so you can make a comparison with the finished piece below.

 Twilight Graze
18 x 24

This is my favorite part of any painting.  The final touches that help emphasize what I want the painting to say.  These are the steps I took to complete the tranquil, twilight mood:

  • strengthened contrast between the back/foregrounds by adding another dark glaze over the background
  • wiped out a lighter area in the top right to accentuate the light source 
  • added rim light around the bodies of the horses for a golden glow
  • warmed the foreground grasses with Naples Yellow Deep
  • cooled the grass in shadow by adding more white to the previous mix
This piece is just one of the new paintings available for your critique at this years open studio.  As you know, the difference between viewing art on a screen vs in person is huge, so I'm hopeful that many of you are here on the 27th of this month and can appreciate a naked eye view.


Your invitation to our Annual Open Studio arriving in your inboxes soon.



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