Landscape continues...

by lesley // posted on Sep 26, 2016

We're still a long way out from the effect I'm seeking but each new layer gets us a little closer. 

Using Burnt Sienna Deep (Winsor & Newton) I roughly indicate silhouettes of three horses and position them in the landscape.  Later on I will define them further.


Now that more colour has been added to the field, the lighting effect is getting away from me so I decide to add another glaze of Quinacrodone Burnt Orange over the whole canvas in order to unify the whole.

You can see where I've started to glaze from the left side - it's like drawing a curtain from left to right.


There, that's better.  Compare this to the first photo above and you can see how that glazing layer has reunified the painting.  The light is now consistent and close to the time of day I'm trying to capture.

A mix of Cadmium Orange, Burnt Sienna and Naples Yellow Deep helped further define the field grasses in the foreground.  This mix is fatter (less Liquin) than previous layers.  When I backlight the horses during the final phase, I will use paint straight from the tube. 

The plan is to have this painting signed, dried, varnished and framed in time for you to view it at October 27th's open studio...better get on it.  



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