Work in Progress

by lesley // posted on Sep 12, 2016

*Unless otherwise specified, the brand of paint I use is Holbein*

Starting with a grayed down, 18x24 canvas and using a 2" hog hair brush, I stain the whole canvas with Quinacridone Burnt Orange (Daniel Smith), thinned with Liquin.  This stain sets the tone for the finished painting and will help unify the whole.

Once dry, I glaze Cadmium Orange, Naples Yellow Deep and Quinacridone Burnt Orange using Liquin to vary the viscosity.  I delineate the background, mid-ground and foreground.


While the first glaze is still wet and continuing with the 2" hog hair, I begin indicating grasses and contours of the land having added Greenish Umber (Grumbacher), Mauve Blue Shade (Winsor & Newton), and Titanium White to my palette.  The paint is still glaze thin.


I allow this layer to dry.  Next I mix Cinnebar Green Light and Mauve Blue Shade with a touch of Titanium White and glaze it over the right side background, an area I want to keep lighter.

With a mix of Burnt Sienna, Mauve Blue Shade and White, I glaze the right 2/3rds of the background.  I want this area quite a bit darker.

I then mix Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Greenish Umber, Mauve and T.White.  Still working wet in wet, begin roughing in trees and twigs.  Paint is still thin but slightly thicker than the initial glazes.  Always keeping the fat over lean principle in mind.

Stay post (26th) I'll drop a horse or two into the landscape.

Artist or not, if you have any questions or comments as you follow along, jump in.  

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