Teacup #2

by lesley // posted on Jun 20, 2016

At the close of WWII, soldiers were first to receive passage home.  In Southhampton, England, thousands of war brides and children awaited their turn to cross the Atlantic to join their husbands, meet the new in-laws and settle in a strange and foreign land. 

These brave and adventurous ladies left everything familiar behind, a testament to their pioneering spirit and resilience.  Their personal stories range from hilarious to heartbreaking tales of abandonment and betrayal.

Arriving at Pier 21, Halifax, Nova Scotia, they were met by Red Cross and Salvation Army volunteers.  A disembarkation program was in place to assist the brides and children as they boarded trains in Halifax and set out to their various destinations across Canada.

Teacup #2
oil on panel

Despite air raid sirens being the soundtrack of their romance, my parents married in Wimbledon, England in 1945.  The Aquitania delivered Mum to Canadian shores later that same year.

Stay tuned, there's more teacups and story to come...


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