For The Love Of Tea

by lesley // posted on Jun 6, 2016

Even at this stage she continues to hand me life lessons.  She reminds me daily to be in the moment.  Not by nagging. But by example.  Ever since I can remember, the virtue of patience has eluded me.  Through her, I'm getting better at that too.

With a little help from my husband and me, she lives independently, drug and pain free, in her own home. 

Today, if you were to stop by for tea, you would be regaled by stories of her experiences driving an ambulance during WWII.  While anticipating a buzz bomb's next target during the London blitz, gallons of hot tea were consumed at the ambulance depot.  I swear she believes without tea, England would have fallen.

If you've already shared a cup of tea with her, you know it's always served in a fine china cup and saucer, never a mug.

As a tribute to my Mum, I'm painting a teacup series.

Teacup #1
oil on panel

I'd like to share with you a wee bit more about my Mum.  With each painted cup I will serve a small slice of her story.

Do you have a favourite story about your Mum?  Would love to hear it.


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