Don't Knock Opportunity

by lesley // posted on May 23, 2016

Once in a while an unexpected opportunity presents itself.  You mull it over and either accept or reject it.  There's no way of foretelling the outcome of either decision.

Innate scepticism has, at times, served me well but also caused regret, so when asked to paint live at a recent, private event at Groop Gallery, I accepted.

The event was a social gathering of Prince George business women.  Setting up my portable easel in a nook of the gallery, I had no idea how the evening would unfold. 

Many artists are uncomfortable working in public.  I get that.  It can be intimidating on several levels.   Hopefully the desire to get new eyes on your work and connect with  people will help overcome the fear. 


This recent opportunity was a success if for no other reason than meeting several new people.  Each time I paint in public I try to put into practice lessons previously learned and to hone the skill of interacting while painting.

My favorite thing about painting live is receiving immediate feedback.  It's helpful in developing a sense of what it is about your work that makes people stop to take a closer look.  It's fun responding to the unique questions people ask and to learn about how and why art enriches their lives. 

Next time opportunity knocks...don't be afraid to open the door.  If things don't work out as you had envisioned, you'll still have gained experience that will, no doubt, serve you in the future.

When was the last time opportunity knocked at your door?  Were you home? 


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