When Doubt Creeps In

by lesley // posted on Mar 13, 2018

I reserve the right to be wrong here.  Self critique isn't 100% fool proof, that's for damn sure.  

Eventually my conclusion was that there was very little temperature change in the colours.  Over 3/4's of the painting is warm so without cools to contrast with the warm, it's boring.  I did particularly like how the trees were rendered in the background though so was a little uncomfortable going ahead.

Further observation left me unable to find anything else that really bothered my eye so I decided to change the time of day.

I began by changing the sky and allowing it to take up a little more space.  The moon was added to determine time of day.  I then had to make decisions about how moonlight would influence the trees, hay field and bales.  

I've ended up with a painting that is now predominantly cool - sheesh! - what's a painter to do?  However, I personally find the moonlit piece more interesting but when I asked my husband's opinion, he preferred the original one surprised

What changes would you have made or would you have left it alone? 

PS:  Those of you who attended last weekend's 'Composition and Design' workshop might have a few comments about those two elements.  This was painted prior to the workshop.



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