New work from the Flying U Ranch

by lesley // posted on Oct 18, 2017

There was a herd of Black Angus at this location.  I reduced the herd to three and changed to Herefords to better suit the autumn palette.


An example of reducing the vast panoramic vista laying before you, composing the elements into a pleasing design.


This abandoned chicken coop tucked between the Aspens, casting beautiful shadows, intrigued me.


At this lakeside location, instructor Mike Svob nudged me out of my comfort zone.  Starting with an all black background, the idea was to paint the negative space around the objects in the landscape.  It was like painting "inside out".  I had to flip my brain but was quite tickled with the result.

Added to the challenge of painting wet in wet, you contend with the fickle elements of nature.  Changing light, wind, bugs either biting or sticking in the paint, too hot, too cold, decisions as to what to leave in - what to eliminate...all  this makes painting "live" so different from the comforts of ones condition- controlled studio and offers a rich learning experience. 

These paintings were done on location and took anywhere from 4-6 hours each.  They will be framed and affordable at this year's Studio Fair.  I'll tell you all about that in next weeks newsletter.


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